Results: Race #189 Vernal Equinox Run on 3-19-24

 We had wonderful weather and enjoyed the first day of Spring.


Race Director? Someone want to take over.

I am starting 14th season being the race organizer for the MGP.  I may be the longest serving "Race Dictator" for the MGP.

I hope to hand off organization to the next volunteer.   Any interest let me know?   I will keep it going for the next 2 years but I hope to find someone to take over by the end of this year.

Mud Grand Prix Website is going away at end of 2024

HI All

The MUD GRAND Prix Website is going away at the end of 2024.   I am looking for suggestions for an alternate low cost/free option.  Maybe Facebook might be a good option

The website is outdated it needs a major rebuild to latest version of Drupal.   All old Drupal sites will be shut down at the end of 2024.  It is not something I want to take on.   Cost of hosting the website on GoDaddy has also gone up signifcantly.

Race#187 Winter Solstice Run Saturday Dec 23rd at 9am. Results

We had a great turnout today with many new first time runners.   Great way to end the year.  We also had many tasting treats that were brought by many.  Thank you.

The results are here.  If there are any mistakes please let me know or correction to time.   We had 10 Grand Slammers this year, (those who ran all 4 races).   You have to be in person on the last race to get a chocolate bar.


Results Race#186 Fall Equinox MGP Friday 6pm Updated 12/20

Perfect weather the last day of summer.   Good turnouot and lots of new runners today.   Biggest crowd I have seen for the Swifts.

Thanks for those who brought cookies and for Jen timing last night.

Please let me know if I misspellled any of the new runners names.


Race#185 Summer Solstice Results June 21st 2023 Updated

 We had a wonderful evening to race and a good turnout.   With the nice weather runners hung out and chatted awhile afterwards.  

Come on out to the next race.  Swift watching too.   It falls on a Friday so it will be a busy night.


Race#184 Spring Equinox Monday at 6pm Results

We had a fun time last night.  Cool night but the rain held off when we were running.   Best turnout inawhile.   

Invite your friend and family out for the Summer Solstice Run on Wed Jun 21st at 6:15pm.

The rest of the years race schedule is on the website above.


Race#183 Winter Solstice Sat Dec 24th Results-Updated 12/29

Well a few of us made it out for the Winter Solstice Run.   It was very pleasant at the start.  The course was sleet/snow covered the entire way.   Traction was actually quite good, no ice.  It started to rain pretty hard towards the end of the race.   We were all cold so we didn't hang out too long after the race.


Race #182: Autumn Equinox Thursday Sept 22 6:03pm

We had a wonderful race last night.    Perfect weather, good race attendance, and a full crowd to watch us race (and maybe the Swifts).  

We had 4 new runners, please continue to invite your friends we need a few more regular runners.

Thanks to Fiona for bringing the home made cookies.

Please note the next race date has changed.   We will have a jingle bell run on Saturday Dec 24th at 9am!   The Solstice is on a Wednesday afternoon.



Results Race#181: Tue June 21, 2022 @ 6:15pm

We had a great turnout for the Summer Solstice run with 5 new runners and one of our fastest fields in quite some time.  It was a warm night.   Thanks to Fiona and Del for bringing cookies.

Invite your friends & family for the Fall race we will have the rare oppurtonity to start on the exact time of the Autumn Equinox at 6:03pm.


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