Results MGP Vernal Equinox Race March 19, 2012 6pm.

We had a small but hardy group of runners turn out for the muddy race.   It was cold 44 but the rain held off for the most part.  The course was a lot of fun if you like the challenge of running in the mud.   It wasn't too bad except for the Dogwood trail where you really had to slow down.  

Two of us tried out some new Asic Fuji Racers today, a very light trail shoe (8.7 oz).   I have to say they did amazing in the muddy conditions.  I specifically bought them just for racing the MGP.   On the other hand was Josh, who had to really slow down on some of the muddy sections of the trail in his barefeet. 

We ended up with 20 runners today, with 2 starting early.  It was getting pretty dark at the finish for the last racers, so for the fall race since it is on a Saturday I will start it a 1/2 hour earlier.  

Please send in your times if you missed today's race so you can have perfect attendence for the year. 


  Race #140 Vernal Equinox   Monday March 19, 2011
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Hult Nathan 0:45:45  
2 Stilson Mack 0:46:55  
3 Oehl Mike 0:47:18  
4 Scharffenberg Erik 0:49:56  
5 Granum Nic 0:55:13  
6 Grill Patrick 0:56:47  
7 Humbert Josh 0:56:47 Mud slowed down Josh in barefeet
8 Walters David H. 0:57:57 Ran 3/24 7:15 am.
9 Napier Tom 0:59:48 Started early
10 Sampson Robert 1:01:44  
11 Mow Robert 1:02:27 Early start, ran Shamrock 15k.
12 Scharffenberg Del 1:03:20  
13 Scott Tom 1:03:39 1st MGP since Fall 2009 
14 Holtmann Stacy  1:05:55 Ran the Shamrock 15k 
15 Spaccarelli Richard 1:05:59 1st MGP since Summer 2009
16 Lyman Jen 1:11:57  
17 Swanson Suzanne 1:11:57  
18 Justice Dean 1:12:00 Ran 3/17
19 Justice Ellie 1:12:00 Ran 3/17
20 Uranga Tiffany 1:12:04 1st time running MGP.
21 Willet Fred 1:17:28  
22 Cackley Steve 1:20:23  
23 Granum E David 1:40:02 Ran 50 miles on the weekend 
24 McCracken Bill 1:42:00