Results Summer Solstice 6-20-12 at 6:09pm

We had a good turnout and a nice warm evening, 80 deg, with perfect trail conditions.     We had 26 runners last night with 8 of them being 1st time runners.   I already have 3 times sent in.  My thanks to the Wetzel's for helping to time and to Jen for bringing cookies.  Any corrections please let me know?   A cell phone was left last night at the race.  I left it with Josh Humbert as he lives in Portland.

We had some fast times last night, Mack PR's by 40 seconds on the course to win.   The big news was Stacy Holtman broke into the Top 10 all time list with the 6th best time ever.  First time in almost 12 years for someone to crack the top 10.   She finished in a group that included Josh and 16 year old Liam Burke. 

It was fun to come down Dog Wood at full speed and not worry about slipping.   There was another training run/race going the opposite direction we were.  I hit them on Dog Wood and almost took out a few of them when they were coming up hill.   It was a very large group.

Race #141 Summer Solstice Wednesday June 20th 6:09pm
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Stilson Mack 0:44:49 PR by 40 seconds
2 Balaz Denes 0:45:46 Welcome back 1st time racing since 2008
3 Hult Nathan 0:46:38  
4 Oehl Mike 0:46:46  
5 Humbert Josh 0:48:50  
6 Holtmann Stacy  0:48:53 6th fastest time on this course
7 Burke Liam 0:48:58 1st time runner,  age 16
8 Scharffenberg Erik 0:50:07  
9 Burke Cormac 0:56:27  
10 Walters David H. 0:57:52 Ran June 16th at 7:05am
11 Granum Nic 0:59:42  
12 Mow Robert 1:00:01  
13 Green Ben 1:00:04 1st time runner
14 Scharffenberg Del 1:01:42  
15 Kregal Joe 1:03:34  
16 Schofer Mark 1:05:12 Ran Friday 6-16
17 Hobart Andy 1:05:12 Ran Friday 6-16, 1st time on course
18 Hillman Marc 1:07:17 1st time runner
19 Lapinski Rachel 1:07:18 1st time runner
20 Steffen Ann 1:09:46  
21 Swanson Suzanne 1:09:46  
22 Lyman Jen 1:10:30  
23 Nino April 1:11:46  
24 Willet Fred 1:18:57  
25 Rose Darlene 1:22:42 1st time runner
26 Rose Jim 1:22:42 1st time runner
27 McCracken Bill 1:43:00 Ran 6/9
28 Granum E David 1:48:39 Ran extra loop up and down Wild Cherry
29 Brach Celeste 1:48:40 1st time runner
30 Humbert Jasmine 1:48:40 1st time runner





Thanks and congrats!

Hey everyone,
First off thanks to Nathan for his hard work in making this happen every time.
Congrats to Mack on his spectacular PR and win. Inspirational stuff!
Congrats as well to Stacy for her strong race!

pre run

Andy and i ran it on Friday representing the 'X'

Mark Schofer 65;23
Andy Hobart 65:12