Results from the Winter Solstice race Dec 22nd.

We had a great turnout today with 28 runners.   We also lucked out and had a partly sunny dry patch of weather.  What a great way to end the year.  On top of that we had some very fast times.   Kelsey Stilson ran very fast today, she ran the 2nd fastest time ever on this course since 1978.   She PR'd by nearly 4 minutes.   We also had the fastest overall time run since 1999.   Aki ran 41:23 hopefully he can come again and break into the top 10.  Aki former Wilsonville High School runner now on winter break from college.

We had 10 grand slammers (ran all 4 races this year) there names are highlighted in blue but I forgot to highlight mine.

We also had 7 1st time runners of the MGP including two next generation runners in my son Connor, and Zoe Carpenter.

A few of the long time runners of the MGP that hadn't raced in awhile came today too;  Cynthia Clinton, Ken Fletcher and Steve Cackley had a birthday today to top off the fun.

If you missed the race send in your times or if there are any corrections.


  Race #143 Winter Solstice Saturday Dec 22 9:00 am
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Kitagawa Akiharu 0:41:23 First time runner, fastest time on the course since 1999
2 Hult Nathan 0:45:56  
3 Stilson Kelsey 0:46:20 Broke into the top 10, she ran the 2nd fastest time.
4 Oehl Mike 0:46:24  
5 Barkley David 0:47:05 1st time runner
6 Stilson Mack 0:50:22  
7 Scharffenberg Erik 0:50:31  
8 Carpenter Zoe 0:53:38 1st time runner, next generation runner
9 Burke Cormac 0:55:13  
10 Fletcher Ken 0:56:13  
11 Snow Jason 0:56:49 1st time runner
12 Kregal Joe 0:58:08  
13 Walters David H. 0:58:27  
14 Chilton Cynthia 0:58:33  
15 Hult Connor 0:59:13 First time running the MGP.
16 Denneth Heather 0:59:20 1st time runner
17 Napier Tom 1:00:09  
18 Christie Matt 1:04:53  
19 Scharffenberg Del 1:11:52  
20 Tong Dennis 1:12:12  
21 Lewis Victoria 1:16:05 1st time runner
22 Johnson Pam 1:17:18  
23 McMurray Kyly 1:17:18  
24 Mow Robert 1:17:18  
25 Cackley Steve 1:24:02 Steve's birthday today!
26 McCracken Bill 1:38:00  
27 Granum E David 1:38:24  
28 Willet Fred 1:39:38 Ran Dec 17 at 11am
29 Wheeler Charla 1:52:23 Ran Dec 31 
30 Markt Bill No time  Took wrong turn via audobond society