Race#170 Vernal Equinox Sept 22nd

 We had a fun night last night.   Had a downpour at the start but it lasted only 10 minutes and we had nice weather for watching the Swifts after the race.


Race#169 Summer Solstice Results

We had a beautiful night and very dry and fast course tonight.   Fiona Cundy set the fastest women's time ever run on the course beating the old course record by two seconds.   The course record was set on the same night 32 years earlier.

Thanks to Jen for bringing the excellent bars, they were a big hit last night.

The next race is Sunday Sept 22nd



Results of Race#168 Vernal Equinox Run March 20th at 6:15pm

We had an amazingy warm and sunny day and a perfect evening to run the MGP.   Course had dried out.  We had good attendance for race during Spring Break.   

Congratulations to Fiona Cundy she ran the 2nd fastest Women's time ever.   First time we have had a runner break into the Top 10 list since 2012. 


Results Race #167 Winter Solstice Run Saturday Dec 22nd

We had an excellent turn out yesterday and a nice morning to race.   A perfect way to start the Holiday Season.   

Thanks to all of you who invited your friends, please invite more for the Vernal Equinox run.   Thanks to Jen for bringing the ginger bread.

Results of Race #166, Vernal Equinox Sept 22nd

We ended up with a great morning, it dried out and it was a cool but sunny morning.  Perfect morning to run.  


Race #164 Vernal Equinox, Tuesday March 20th Results.


Please note any corrections.   Unfornately I lost the originial post on this race when the website was moved.  Thank-you GoDaddy.


Results: Race; #165 Summer Solstice, Thursday June 21st

We had a perfect night for a race, cool but dry.   Course was completely dry so very fast.   Thank you for Nick and Jen bringing the Rhubarb bars.   They were very good.

Attendance was very low.  I am sure it didn't help with the website being down.   


Race#163 Winter Solstice Dec 23rd at 9am

Well we had one of our best turnouts for the final race of the year, 20 runners.   We had a very cool but dry morning, perfect day to race.

We had seven grand slammers (ran all four races), Steve Cackley, E David Granum, Bill McCracken, Bob Mow, Del Scharffenberg, Mack Stilson, and David Walters.

I didn't check but Del believes Mack is the first runner to win all four races in one year.

#162 Autumn Equinox Friday Sept 22nd. Results

We had a perfect night for running and enjoyed watching the Swifts after the race.   The Lower Macleay trail was still under repair so we had to take the Holman Lane detour.   Thank-you for Jen bringing cookies and coffee cake


#161 MGP Summer Solstice June 20th 6:15pm Results Updated 6/24

Hi All

We had a wonderful night for a race.   Sunny and dry and not to warm.  Portland Parks had closed Lower Macleay trail and had fenced it off with a chain link fence so we took a detour.  I kept the course the same length, going up to Holman Lane to hit Wild Wood and then to keep the distance the same we did an out and back towards the Stone Hult.   Since we added an extra hill many thought this was a tougher course than normal.  It was nice to have the out and back on Wild Wood to see more of the runners.

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