Results #176 Vernal Equinox Saturday March 20th 9am Updated 3/23

We had a very cool 1st day of spring but the rain mostly held off.   Light attendance for the race.   Please send in your times if you missed actual race.

Race#175 Winter Solstice Dec 20th Sunday at 8am Results

Hi All

We had a great run this morning, the rain was not that bad just a light drizzle most of the race.   The course was also in good shape considering how much rain we had, but Dogwood was slippery.

We had a great turnout for inperson race.  14 runners at the start with a 4 new runners.

Please send in your time if you haven't already or if you have corrections.    In the rain it was hard to read my writing.

Next race I hope to run more like normal with a timer.  


Race#174 Autumnal Equinox (Results)

 Please send in your times.   Here is what I have so far.


Joe Kregal

Del sent me this link on some info about Joe Kregal.   He passed away about a week ago.

Joe was a long time runner of the MGP.  I looked back thru the results and first time running the MGP for Joe was in the Winter Solstice run in 1995.   Says he took the "Longer Course" so I assume like a lot of first time runners he missed a turn.

Race#173 Summer Solstice June 20th Results Updated

Here are the times I have received so far.   I ran this morning at 9am and started with Del.   It was a perfect morning for a run with a little light rain to keep you from getting too hot.


Results Race #172 Vernal Equinox Saturday March 21st

Well we ran today on a beautiful sunny morning.    We had 11 people total with 5 starting early at various times and 6 at the regular start.   We all spread out at the start.   The MGP has never been cancelled so nice to be able to run it in a safe way still.  There were many people out hiking and running on the trails.   


If you didn't make it, you can always go run the course and email me a time and I will add it to the results.


Results#171 Winter Solstice Saturday at 9am

We had the best turnout of the year today with the worst race day weather of the year.   It was rainy but at least fairly warm.  Let me know if you have any corrections to the times.

We had 8 Grand Slammers this year (raced all 4 races).   Marat Cackley, Steve Cackley, Nic and Jen Lyman, Bob Mow, David Walters, Del Scharffenberg.  Be a grand slammer in 2020 and bring your friends.  We need more runners.   Next race will be Thursday March 19th at 6:15pm



Race#170 Vernal Equinox Sept 22nd

 We had a fun night last night.   Had a downpour at the start but it lasted only 10 minutes and we had nice weather for watching the Swifts after the race.


Race#169 Summer Solstice Results

We had a beautiful night and very dry and fast course tonight.   Fiona Cundy set the fastest women's time ever run on the course beating the old course record by two seconds.   The course record was set on the same night 32 years earlier.

Thanks to Jen for bringing the excellent bars, they were a big hit last night.

The next race is Sunday Sept 22nd



Results of Race#168 Vernal Equinox Run March 20th at 6:15pm

We had an amazingy warm and sunny day and a perfect evening to run the MGP.   Course had dried out.  We had good attendance for race during Spring Break.   

Congratulations to Fiona Cundy she ran the 2nd fastest Women's time ever.   First time we have had a runner break into the Top 10 list since 2012. 


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