Results of Autumnal Equinox Race#154 on Sept 23rd, 6pm

We had very nice weather last night and and 22 runners.   Very fast and dry course.  The Swifts were out in full force and many stayed to watch them go down the chimmeny along with a hawk who grabbed one.  Large crowd to watch the birds.

If there are any corrections to the results please let me know.   I was a little late on hitting the finish times on a few runners.

Thankyou to Jen for bringing cookies.

Next race is Sunday Dec 20th at 9am.   The actual solstice is on Monday Dec 21st.


Results of Summer Solstice 6/21/15

We had a nice cool morning to run our race. Very dry and fast course today.

Results Race#152 Vernal Equinox Run March 20th 6:15pm (Updated)

We had a good turnout last night for a fun race. Rain hit hard before the race but was not bad during the race. If you missed the race please send in your time.


Results of Winter Solstice Race #151 Sunday Dec 21st at 9am

We had the best turnout of the year for the last race, 27 runners on race day.   We lucked out and missed the rain and the trail was actually in pretty good shape considering the hard rain we had on Saturday.

If you see an errors or have a time to send in please do so.


Results of Autumnal Equinox Race#150 on Sept 22nd, 6pm

We had 17 racers Monday night with perfect running weather.  The course was dry and fast.   There were many Swifts out.


Results of Summer Solstice Run #149

 We had a perfect morning to run, clear skies and cool.   It was our first race with the Thurman Street Bridge detour which increases the course to about 7.00 miles.   Attendance was low for such a perfect morning to race.

Come out for the next race it is the 150th race in MGP series.  Monday Sept 22nd at 6pm

Here are the results for today.


Results of Vernal Equinox Race#148

We had a very nice evening to race, it was sunny and dry.  Perfect cool temperature for running.  We had to use the Upshur detour as the Thurman stairs were already closed.   The bridge was still open though for the return trip.   Thanks for those that ran and the good cookies that Jen brought.

I talked to a few runners and they thought it might be faster to take Upshur as you skip going up the short hill and going down the stairs.   That portion of the detour only adds .06 miles which makes distance 6.82

2013 Race Results

Here is a summary of the race results for everyone that ran during 2013.   We had a total of 50 runners in 2013 which is the lowest since I took over.  2010 we had 70, 2011 we had 67, in 2012 we had 59.   We could use a few more runners so feel free to invite your friends out to run with us in 2014.

Next race Thursday March 20th at 6PM and Thurman Bridge Closure.

MGP racers.   Next race is March 20th at 6pm.  We will run the normal course in this race but have changes for the Summer Solstice run.

On April 1st the Thurman Bridge and stairs will be closed for 6 to 9 months.    Read about it here.

Results Winter Solstice Run 12/21/13 #147

We had a good turnout today (22 runners) and great day for the race, no rain and even a little sun.  Trail was very slick.

We had two 1st time runners and one of them was from the barefoot running club.  Mack won today and was all by himself.

It was the last race of the year and we had 7 people complete all four races.   Mack, David H, Del, Bob Mow, Dennis, Mr Bill, and E David.

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