Results Winter Solstice Run 12/21/13 #147

We had a good turnout today (22 runners) and great day for the race, no rain and even a little sun.  Trail was very slick.

We had two 1st time runners and one of them was from the barefoot running club.  Mack won today and was all by himself.

It was the last race of the year and we had 7 people complete all four races.   Mack, David H, Del, Bob Mow, Dennis, Mr Bill, and E David.

Next race; year end Winter Solstice Saturday at 9am

 Hi All

Come on out to the Winter Solstice run next Saturday at 9am.   It is the last race of the year.   

If you have make it to all four races you are a Grand Slammer and receive a chocolate bar.  Looks like Steve Cackley, E David Granum, Bill McCracken, Bob Mow, Mike Oehl, Del Scharffenberg, Mack Stilson, Dennis Tong, and David Walters have made the first three races.  No Grand Slam for me though, fighting an injury and currently sidelined from running.  See summary of results below.

Results Autumnal Equinox Run 9/22/13

We had a small turnout tonight only 15 racers in the race but already had two times sent in.  We lucked out and had nice weather for the race, earlier in the afternoon there was heavy ran but the sun came out and we had a dry but somewhat muddy race.   Not many Swifts tonight though.  

Send in your times if you missed the race.   I still need to run the course and will post a time later.


Results Summer Solstice Race June 20th (Updated 6/26)

The course was pretty muddy for this time of year but it was a cool but dry race tonight. We had 18 racers tonight and one time from last week. Send in your time if you did not make it tonight. Rather sparse attendance tonight. There was a good front pack in the race and then almost a 10 minute gap.

Vernal Equinox Results 3/19/13 (Updated 3/24)

 We had a good turnout for a raining evening.   20 runners ran last night and I added 6 times that people have sent in.   The day started out nice but driving to the race the rain started to hit hard.   Everyone pretty much said they were fine running but it was very cold at the finish after the race and most everyone left pretty quickly after the race.   The rain never did let up.   Looking forward towards the Summer Solstice run.


Results for 2012

I am real late publishing this but here is the year end summary of 2012 results.   We had a total of 59 racers over the 4 races.   A little down from last year we had 69 in 2011. 

High attendance was 30 at both Solstice runs and low was 24 at both Equinox runs.   Those who made it to all races names are highlighted in blue.

Results from the Winter Solstice race Dec 22nd.

We had a great turnout today with 28 runners.   We also lucked out and had a partly sunny dry patch of weather.  What a great way to end the year.  On top of that we had some very fast times.   Kelsey Stilson ran very fast today, she ran the 2nd fastest time ever on this course since 1978.   She PR'd by nearly 4 minutes.   We also had the fastest overall time run since 1999.   Aki ran 41:23 hopefully he can come again and break into the top 10.  Aki former Wilsonville High School runner now on winter break from college.

Results Autumn Equinox (updated 12/12) Race Saturday Sept 22 at 5:30pm

We had a perfect night for racing last night, it was about 72 at the start.   The light rain helped keep the dust down on the trail some.   As always there was a large crowd to watch the Swifts and they helped cheer us on when we finished.   The course was very fast last night so Mack and I went for PR's and had a very good race. 

Results Summer Solstice 6-20-12 at 6:09pm

We had a good turnout and a nice warm evening, 80 deg, with perfect trail conditions.     We had 26 runners last night with 8 of them being 1st time runners.   I already have 3 times sent in.  My thanks to the Wetzel's for helping to time and to Jen for bringing cookies.  Any corrections please let me know?   A cell phone was left last night at the race.  I left it with Josh Humbert as he lives in Portland.

Results MGP Vernal Equinox Race March 19, 2012 6pm.

We had a small but hardy group of runners turn out for the muddy race.   It was cold 44 but the rain held off for the most part.  The course was a lot of fun if you like the challenge of running in the mud.   It wasn't too bad except for the Dogwood trail where you really had to slow down.  

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