Suggested donation amount per race

The MGP is very inexpensive to run but modest donations are appreciated.   However in the last few races a few runners have been too generous in their donations.   A quite a few people have asked me how much they should donate?   Well I finally figured out expenses.   It works out about $1.50 per race per runner, or yearly donation of $6 if you do all the races.   Please do not feel obligated to donate, this is just a guideline and to give visibility to the group what expenses are.  

Results for Autumnal Equinox race 9/23/2011

We had a great race last night over 29 runners on race day with four first time runners.  It was warm evening I had 86 when I pulled up to the park.   It was much cooler in Forest Park but coming out of the park down to the finish it was pretty warm.

There was by far the largest crowd for Swift watching after the race, we had to dodge quite a few people at the finish line.

Here is a first cut at results.  Let me know if I made any mistakes.


Results for Summer Solstice Run June 21, 6pm

We had a nice warm evening last night, 82, for the Summer Solstice run.  What a great way to start the summer off, we also had great attendance, 34 runners ran the race.  This is despite some bad traffic, we had two runners that were stuck in it and started a few minutes late. 

I have received many pre-race times so the total is 42 runners.  The great attendance was helped with 17 first time runners.  Another first for the MGP we had a few runners from the local barefoot running club join us.

Vernal Equinox, Results from race March 20, 2011 at 4pm

We had 15 runners come race on Sunday.   We lucked out and the rain held off until the last runner finished.   The trails were muddy but they have been worse.  

I also added four runners that missed the race but ran at alternate times.   Send me your time if you missed the race and I can add it to the result.

Sorry for the delay posting the results, I left immediately after the race for 3 days of skiing at Mt Hood and I forgot to bring the clip board with the results.


2010 Results Summary

Here is a summary of the results for 2010.   We had 70 runners total for the year.

Results Winter Solstice Run 12-18 (Updated 1/11)

We had a nice run Saturday morning!   There was a little rain when before the race but it ended up staying dry while we were running.  There was just a dusting of snow on the upper part of Wild Wood but none on the trail.  I was actually hoping for snow like we had two years ago.   The Wild Wood trail was muddy but not too bad, Dogwood was the trail you really had to slow down on.

We had 24 runners run on race day with Tom Napier, David Walters, and Bill McCracken running early.

Results for Autumn race on 9/22/10

What a great race last night.  Pefect weather and nice turnout, 29 runners.  My first time seeing the Swift's fly into the Chapman school chimmey.  Parking was a little difficult with the crowd for the Swift watching and soccer practice.  It was a busy night in the park.  It was a lot of fun to have spectators at the finish though. 

Summer Solstice Results 6-21-10

We had a great race today.  The weather was cloudy but not too warm and dry.  The turnout was awesome, 30 runners tonight with 7 first time runners.  

My thanks to Todd for timing which allowed me to race and Lori for bringing the fresh banana bread. 

Results for Vernal Equinox Run 3-20

Here are the preliminary results of the race.  If you missed the race and plan to run, just email me or just "Add New Comment", there is a link on the bottom of the results so you can post on website.

Perfect day today, sunny and warm, a little cool going up the Macleay trail but the rest was perfect.  Four 1st time runners (Mack, Mike, Julie, and Blondin) and 1st time "Race Dictator". 

I should have pictures up in the next few days check the website by Sunday.

Welcome to the Mud Grand Prix Website.

I will use the website to post all results and upcoming race schedule.  Please check out the Results section, I posted results back to1978.  Thanks to the many race directors that kept such great records.  All the results are there except two races in 1980.  The website has the ability to blog.  The perfect use of the Blog might be to post your time if you miss the race and run it before or after.  Other uses might be to post info about the course before the race.  Or post news about one the regular runners of the MG

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