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  • Start at Wallace Park (Chapman Elementary) NW 26th and NW Pettgrove St
  • The start line is by the guywire on the wide sidewalk that is perpendicular to Pettygrove.
  • You runpast the school and curve left to Quimby and 27th.
  • Take 27th to Thurman and then left on Thurman.
  • Just before the bridge, take the stairs down to Lower Macleay Park.
  • Follow the trail up to the stone house and take a hard right onto the Wildwood.
  • Take the Wildwood to Dogwood, then down Dogwood to Leif.
  • Run out Leif onto Thurman and then back to the start line.

  Course Point

 Mileage (Wheeled 11-21-12)


 Start Wallace Park   0.00  125
 Thurman Bridge Stairs   0.47  140
 Base of stairs    92
 Wildwood Trail Turn (Stone Hut)  1.32  280
 Wildwood - Holman Lane  1.76  375
 Wildwood - Aspen Trail  2.20  460
 Wildwood - Birch Trail  3.33  680
 Wildwood - Cherry  3.70  695
 Wildwood- Dogwood  4.30  705
 End of Lief  5.53  330
 Finish  6.76  125