Results of Vernal Equinox Race#148

We had a very nice evening to race, it was sunny and dry.  Perfect cool temperature for running.  We had to use the Upshur detour as the Thurman stairs were already closed.   The bridge was still open though for the return trip.   Thanks for those that ran and the good cookies that Jen brought.

I talked to a few runners and they thought it might be faster to take Upshur as you skip going up the short hill and going down the stairs.   That portion of the detour only adds .06 miles which makes distance 6.82

Please send in your times if you missed the race.   



Race #148 Vernal Equinox Thursday March 20, 2014 6pm
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Stilson Mack 0:45:52  
2 Oehl Mike 0:46:37 Ran March 16th
3 Emerson William 0:47:42  
4 Scharffenberg Erik 0:50:28  
5 Walters David H. 0:59:30 Ran Saturday 3/22 7:10am
6 Rose Jim 0:59:48  
7 Pimont Vincent 0:59:48  
8 Scharffenberg Del 1:03:53  
9 Justice Ellie 1:04:57  
10 Justice Dean 1:07:12  
11 Steffen Ann 1:09:12  
12 Swanson Suzanne 1:09:12  
13 Lyman Jen 1:09:13  
14 Mow Robert 1:09:41  
15 Wagner Betty 1:10:16  
16 Shapiro Jesse 1:16:03  
17 Shapiro Steve 1:16:03  
18 Cackley Steve 1:22:36  
19 Granum E David 1:34:48  
20 McCracken Bill 1:50:00 Ran 4/27, full detour.
21 Schultz Valdemar DNF Fell on course turned back



My time

I did the race on Saturday morning on the 22nd. My time was 59:30.
Thanks again for your efforts.