Race#163 Winter Solstice Dec 23rd at 9am

Well we had one of our best turnouts for the final race of the year, 20 runners.   We had a very cool but dry morning, perfect day to race.

We had seven grand slammers (ran all four races), Steve Cackley, E David Granum, Bill McCracken, Bob Mow, Del Scharffenberg, Mack Stilson, and David Walters.

I didn't check but Del believes Mack is the first runner to win all four races in one year.

Attendance has been down in this race, lowest number yet since I took over, only a total of 33 runners.   If you have an idea's how to improve without getting too big let me know.  I had a few suggestions to add a facebook page.   First year I took over there were 67 total runners for the year and that was a good number.   Last two years have been in the 40's until now.

Here are the results.



Race #163 Winter Solstice, Dec 23rd 9am
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Stilson Mack 0:47:13 Won all races in 2017
2 Hult Connor 0:50:52 PR by 8:20
3 Cackley Marat 0:51:25  
4 Burke Mike 1:02:36  
5 Stilson Kelsey 1:02:55  
6 Kregal Joe 1:03:31  
7 Walters David H. 1:04:20 Ran early 7:30am start
8 Scharffenberg Del 1:05:13  
9 Justice Ellie 1:06:19  
10 Markt Bill 1:06:22  
11 Carter Craig 1:09:33  
12 Mow Robert 1:11:54 Ran Dec 6th
13 McMurray Kyly 1:19:40  
14 Woodward Brian 1:19:40  
15 Granum E David 1:42:22  
16 Cackley Steve 1:43:20  
17 McCracken Bill 2:18:04  
18 Klassen JoAnn 2:19:08 Started at 8 am
19 Tong Dennis 2:19:08 Started at 8 am
20 Caruso Sam No time 1st time runner, took extra up via Holman Lane, started 7 min late