Results #178 Autumnal Equinox 9/22/21 6pm (Holman Lane Detour). Updated

We had a wonderful evening last night for the Fall MGP.   There was still a crowd to watch the Swifts but much smaller than usual.

We ran the Holman Lane Detour with a short out back section on Wildwood Trail.   It is fun to have the outback section to cheer on fellow runners but the hills to Holman Lane are no fun.   

We had a small group start at 6pm but quite a few people started early.  Course had completely dried out from the hard rain the previous weekend.

Many thanks to Nick Lyman for making some awesome brownies.



Race #178 Autumnal Equinox Run Sept 22, 6pm 2021 (Holman Lane Detour).
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Lyon Baker 0:43:35 Lyon said "Best brownies ever!"
2 Cundy Fiona 0:46:33  
3 Stilson Mack 0:49:33  
4 Hult Nathan 0:59:43  
5 Granum Martin 1:03:10 Happy to be here in 2021.   
6 Lyman Jen 1:10:50  
7 Lyman Nick 1:17:24  
8 Scharffenberg Del 1:17:24  
9 Mow Robert 1:17:53 Ran 9/10 took detour and did out and back on Wildwood
10 Wagner Betty 1:17:53 Ran 9/10 with Bob.
11 Cackley Steve 1:37:58  
12 Walters David H. 1:44:15 Walked course 9/21 dealing with injury.
13 Zawaski Edward Jr. 1:47:00 Early start
14 McCracken Bill 2:25:50 Ran 9/26/21
15 Tong Dennis 2:34:42 Early start, modfied course 6.95miles
16 Johnson Delores 2:34:42 Early start
17 Klassen JoAnn 2:34:42