Results Race #172 Vernal Equinox Saturday March 21st

Well we ran today on a beautiful sunny morning.    We had 11 people total with 5 starting early at various times and 6 at the regular start.   We all spread out at the start.   The MGP has never been cancelled so nice to be able to run it in a safe way still.  There were many people out hiking and running on the trails.   


If you didn't make it, you can always go run the course and email me a time and I will add it to the results.


Race #172 Vernal Equinox March 20, 9:00am
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Stilson Mack 0:51:18  
2 Cackley Marat 0:53:31  
3 Hult Nathan 1:01:12  
4 Justice Ellie 1:06:48 Started early to spread out the start
5 Mow Robert 1:06:48 Started early to spread out the start
6 Walters David H. 1:07:04 Started at 7:27am
7 Chilton Cynthia 1:07:06 Started at 7:27am
8 Lyman Jen 1:11:05  
9 Scharffenberg Del 1:13:40  
10 Lyman Nick 1:20:49  
11 Cackley Steve 1:49:14 Started early