Results Race #180 Sunday March 20th.

We had a dry cool perfect morning for a run.   We had a small group turn out today to run.  No one likes the Holman Lane Detour but we had to run it one more time.  Looks like they are almost done and we should be back on the normal course.

Invite your friends to the Summer Solstice run.

Race #180 Vernal Equinox Run March 20, 22, 8:33am (Holman Lane Detour).
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Martin Scott 0:46:20  
2 Stilson Mack 0:50:44  
3 Cackley Marat 0:51:49  
4 Hult Nathan 1:00:21  
5 Lyon Fiona 1:01:46 Ran 3/15 with their Aussie
6 Lyon Baker 1:01:46 Ran 3/15 with their Aussie
7 Mow Robert 1:12:42  
8 Walters David H. 1:13:13 Ran 3/19
9 Tong Dennis 1:55:05 Alt course
10 Cackley Steve 1:56:36 Ran 3/19