Results: Race#179 Winter Solstice 12/19/21

We had a few hardy runners turn out for today's race.   Very cold 35 ish, with light rain starting half way thru the race.    After the downpour the previous night I thought the trail would have been worse but still plenty slipperly going down Dogwood.   A few downed trees but easy to get over.

We again had to take the Holman Lane Detour.  

We had 7 runners complete the Grand Slam (all 4 races in 2021).  Steve Cackley, David Walters, Bob Mow, Del Scharffenberg, Nick Lyman, Jen Lyman and me.   Only a few candy bars handed out as you have to run the last race in person for a Dark Chocolate Bar.

Thanks to Nick for making cookies.


Race #179 Winter Solstice Run Dec 18 21, 8:30am 2021 (Holman Lane Detour).
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Cackley Marat 0:53:01 Started a few minutes late
2 Stilson Mack 0:53:54  
3 Kuhn-Wilken Oliver 0:57:20 1st time runner.
4 Hult Nathan 1:04:05  
5 Walters David H. 1:13:26 Ran 7:20AM on Sat Dec 18
6 Mow Robert 1:16:05 Ran 12/18
7 Scharffenberg Del 1:21:27  
8 Lyman Nick 1:24:54  
9 Cackley Steve 1:51:07 Ran Sat Dec 18th
10 Lyman Jen 2:19:00 Walked course, recovering from injury
11 Steffen Ann 2:19:00

Walked with Jen


13 Hult Connor 0:47:24** Ran 12/24.  Missed 2 turns this is a converted time he ran .16 miles short.   Would have been a PR.