Results Autumn Equinox (updated 12/12) Race Saturday Sept 22 at 5:30pm

We had a perfect night for racing last night, it was about 72 at the start.   The light rain helped keep the dust down on the trail some.   As always there was a large crowd to watch the Swifts and they helped cheer us on when we finished.   The course was very fast last night so Mack and I went for PR's and had a very good race. 

We only had 17 runners last night.  Send in your time if you want credit for the race.  If you make all four races you receive a candy bar next race.   Times count but you have to show up for the last race.

Next race is Saturday Dec 22nd at 9am, the only race not run on the Equinox or Solstice.  We could use a few more runners, invite your friends to the next race.

Race #142 Autumnal Equinox Saturday Sept 22 5:30pm
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Hult Nathan 0:44:02  
2 Stilson Mack 0:44:11 Ran Best Dam10k in the AM and came back and PR'd by 39 seconds
3 Oehl Mike 0:45:55  
4 Balaz Denes 0:47:42  
5 Scharffenberg Erik 0:49:36 Ran on 9/21
6 Granum Nic 0:53:42  
7 Green Ben 0:53:45  
8 Hillman Marc 0:54:40  
9 Burke  Mike 0:55:16 1st time racing since 2005
10 Walters David H. 0:56:47 Ran @7:10am on Saturday 
11 Justice Dean 0:57:06  
12 Kregal Joe 0:59:29 Ran Best Dam 10k in the AM
13 Spaccarelli Richard 1:00:30  
14 Willet Fred 1:12:54 Ran 9/23, Sunday night.
15 Scharffenberg Del 1:13:53  
16 Mow Robert 1:13:54 Ran 9/16 with Betty Wagner
17 Wagner Betty 1:13:54 Ran 9/16 with Bob Mow
18 Loudermilk Julia 1:14:34 1st time running MGP
19 Wallace Michael 1:14:37 1st time running MGP
20 Tong Dennis 1:15:03  
21 Cackley Steve 1:22:18 Welcome back after injury
22 Granum E David 1:24:00 Ran 9/23
23 McCracken Bill 1:39:00 Started early
  Napier Tom No Time Ran Saturday in the morning.




Equinox 2012 run

Tom Napier and I ran Saturday morning on the 22 leaving at 7:10 AM. Forgot to email my results. I ran a 56:47 and Tom finished, but did not want to post his time.
As always, thanks for tracking all the information and keeping the Website updated.

race ran next morning. 84 minutes (1:24) flat.

Hi Nathan and all,

I ran the run in the early morning Sunday Sept 23. Happy Autumn to all.

Please add my name to the race results. Thank you so much for keeping track of all us runners.

1:20 flat.

E. David