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Summer solstice run, non race day times

Here are the results of a few runners that ran the course early.  Hopefully we will see the rest you tomorrow night!!!!


I have a meeting on Monday night the 21st so I ran the course today June 19th.
My time was 54:25  (Dave Walters)
Cynthia Chilton also ran the course today at 59:55.
Can you please add these results with the rest of the results,



Results for Vernal Equinox Run 3-20

Here are the preliminary results of the race.  If you missed the race and plan to run, just email me or just "Add New Comment", there is a link on the bottom of the results so you can post on website.

Perfect day today, sunny and warm, a little cool going up the Macleay trail but the rest was perfect.  Four 1st time runners (Mack, Mike, Julie, and Blondin) and 1st time "Race Dictator". 

I should have pictures up in the next few days check the website by Sunday.

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