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Results for Entire 2011

 I finally compiled all the race results for the entire 2011.   We had a total of 67 racers for the year almost identical to the 70 we had in 2010.


Summer Solstice Results 6-21-10

We had a great race today.  The weather was cloudy but not too warm and dry.  The turnout was awesome, 30 runners tonight with 7 first time runners.  

My thanks to Todd for timing which allowed me to race and Lori for bringing the fresh banana bread. 

Summer solstice run, non race day times

Here are the results of a few runners that ran the course early.  Hopefully we will see the rest you tomorrow night!!!!


I have a meeting on Monday night the 21st so I ran the course today June 19th.
My time was 54:25  (Dave Walters)
Cynthia Chilton also ran the course today at 59:55.
Can you please add these results with the rest of the results,



Results for Vernal Equinox Run 3-20

Here are the preliminary results of the race.  If you missed the race and plan to run, just email me or just "Add New Comment", there is a link on the bottom of the results so you can post on website.

Perfect day today, sunny and warm, a little cool going up the Macleay trail but the rest was perfect.  Four 1st time runners (Mack, Mike, Julie, and Blondin) and 1st time "Race Dictator". 

I should have pictures up in the next few days check the website by Sunday.

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